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Sarni Cleaners has been offering expert dry cleaning services for over 80 years. Our experienced and highly trained professional cleaners take great care in cleaning your suits, dresses, coats and sweaters, delicates, lingerie, ties, coats, sleeping bag, ski apparel, and other garments. We will clean them using the most appropriate methods, remove stains and store them properly for your next wearing.

Sarni Cleaners is an eco-friendly dry-cleaning service. To protect the environment, we recommend wet cleaning to our customers whenever possible. Wet cleaning simply uses soap and water to clean your clothing. This process leaves your clothing feeling soft and smelling fresh, not chemical. Using modern machines that can be programmed for many variables, our professional cleaners can wet clean many garments that have typically been dry cleaned in the past, such as silks, wool, linens, suedes, and leathers.


Many dry-cleaners use chemicals which is harmful to the environment and can even cause harm to ozone. Apart from that, allergies can cause health risks due to the chemicals being distributed to the skin though clothes.

Sarni Cleaners ensures your clothes are handled and washed in an eco-friendly way without adding any harmful chemicals. We use Green Earth, a solvent that cleans with liquid silicone, which is essentially natural sand. It is non-allergenic, non-irritating and doesn’t smell. Your garments are not immersed in the solvent. Rather, we employ the solvent in vapor form. Thus, your clothes are treated very gently, so gently that even bead and sequins will not be damaged.

Green Earth Technology also saves energy because we don’t need big machines to spin out the excess solvent and the drying cycle uses less energy.


Sarni Cleaners is pleased to be the first dry cleaning and laundry service in New England to adopt the new eco-friendly bag made by The Green Garmento®. These specially designed reusable bags will replace our VIP bags, eliminate single-use plastic garment covers and help us recycle hangers.

The Green Garmento® is an all-in-one reusable laundry/duffel/garment bag created to help you organize and "green" your dry-cleaning routine! At home, this great delivery bag serves as a hamper; on your trip to Sarni Cleaners, it becomes an attractive duffel bag; and at pick-up, it transforms into a side-zippered hanging garment bag so your drycleaned clothes will be protected in a breathable, water-repellent bag.

The simple step of switching to reusable dry-cleaning bags will help reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags and hundreds of tons of hangers that annually enter our landfills and waterways, threatening our marine and wildlife.

Different Uses of Green Garmento Reusable Garment Bags

Please join us to be fantastic and use less plastic with reusable dry-cleaning bags!

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- For ultra high quality individual cleaning, use our Classic Care Service.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you from any of your nearest dry cleaning stores or call us at 617-523-8414.
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Impeccable Service

I love coming to Sarni knowing that the staff is friendly and helpful. The quality of dry cleaning is great and the service impeccable.

John K.
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