Fur, Suede and Leather Cleaning and Storage Service

fur cleaning and storage service


Among the most valuable garments we own are those made with furs such as fox, mink, sable, rabbit, chinchilla and seal, and leather. To keep your furs, leathers and suedes in great condition, special care is needed.

Cleaning Service

We remove stains, water-proof and repair suede and leather garments. Our cleaning rejuvenates and restores the original quality of your suedes, leathers and furs. Fur clothing in particular should be conditioned once every year to keep it in top condition.

Storage Service

Furs are susceptible to being eaten and decomposed by molds, insects, and rodents. Home air conditioning is often too humid for furs, and odors from cedar and mothballs stay with furs, leathers and wools. To keep your furs in top condition, bring them to Sarni Cleaners. We will keep them in secure, temperature and humidity controlled vaults.

Bring your valuable furs, suedes and leather garments to our stores for cleaning and storage today!


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