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Home Cleaning with Microfibers

Millie Kwan - Friday, January 02, 2015

You may have heard a lot of hype about microfiber cloths and how they are used in home cleaning. Well, it’s not just a lot of hype. You may have even used a soft cloth thinking it is niceto hold and may have noticed it absorbs more than a terry cloth towel. But do you know why?

cleaning windows with microfiber cloth 

The Secret’s In The Fibers

In a traditional terrycloth fabric, there are a bunch of fibers on the end. You can feel the softness. But, that doesn’t compare at all to the fibers on the microfiber cloth. In fact, even under a microscope, it is impossible to see these little guys. And, that's where all the magic lies! You see, for every little fiber sticking out, a little piece of dirt can be harvested. You may think that if the fiber is so little, how can it possibly pick up a significant amount of dirt? Because it gathers up the billions of little pieces that most traditional cloths sweep past and leave behind. For, there is a kind attraction between the fibers and the dirt. They are literally drawn to each other. On a side note, the Dutch chemist, Johannes Diderik van der Waals explains why a gecko is able to stick to a ceiling - all the little hairs it has on its hands and feet. Well, the same principle is used here.

Use Less Detergent – If Any

You probably wouldn't even think of using a regular cloth all by itself to dust or clean. But you can with the microfiber cloths. They just sweep it up, and all the dirt and stays with the cloth. So for those who live in air-tight apartments or houses, using microfibers in place of regular cleaning cloths and a whole lot of soap or other detergents sure makes a lot more sense. Your air is fresher without all the toxins.

It’s What We Use

Whether or not you are burdened with allergies, we use the microfiber cloths for your home cleaning. It just makes sense to jettison all unnecessary chemicals. We just wanted to share with you why! We are a family-run business. Our grandfather started it 80 years ago, and we have always sought ways to keep all our cleaning environmentally-friendly.

Give Sarni Cleaners a call at 1-800-SARNI-75 or email us for an estimate to clean your home without unnecessary chemicals!

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