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How to Clean Your House in a Hurry

Millie Kwan - Thursday, December 18, 2014

Most of us have been there. Someone is dropping by unexpectedly, or you lost track of time and realize now you have very little time for cleaning the house before an event. The next time that happens to you, take heart. Here are home cleaning tips for faster cleaning.

Place Your Supplies in a Bucket

Put your sponges, cleaners, dusting cloths and other cleaning items in a bucket to carry with you from room to room. This saves time because you won’t have to keep going back and forth between rooms to get what you need.

Clear the Clutter First

Go from room to room and make beds, clear off tables, put laundry in the hamper and clear out any other large clutter. This prepares the space for swift cleaning.

Handle the Trash Efficiently

As you make your way around the house, bring a large trash bag with you. Rather than putting each room’s trash in individual containers, which you will then need to go back and dump later, you will have the trash taken care of in one swoop.

Clean from the Top

When people are in a rush, the tendency is to create more work by tackling things without thinking. Remember to clean from the top down, which means dusting and cleaning tabletops or shelves before the floors. This is most efficient because dust and debris will fall to the floor, no matter how careful you are. If you clean floors before cleaning higher, you may end up having to clean floors twice.

Vacuum and Sweep

Vacuum first because you may find you can use vacuum attachments on many non-carpeted areas and you will save yourself from so much sweeping.

Use an All-Purpose Cleaner

A cleaner that will safely clean many surfaces is a big timesaver. You won’t need to stop and select a different cleaner when moving from the counter to the sink basin, for example.

Mop Last

Mopping should come last because you don’t want to track dirt on a damp floor from other areas. If the floors are relatively clean and you are running out of time, focus on the most obviously dirty areas.

Once you get all of these home cleaning steps down, you will find your cleaning time reduced each time you clean. Speedy home cleaning habits can become second nature and give you extra time to do other things you really enjoy.

Hope these tips help. But if you really can't find time or need to impress your visitors, consider hiring Sarni Cleaners' professional home cleaning services. We help you look your best so that you can be the best host to your guests. Contact us at to schedule an appointment.

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