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How do you clean electric blankets?

Millie Kwan - Thursday, October 27, 2011

electric blanketBefore caring for your electric blanket, first read the care instructions that came with the blanket. Usually these can be found on a permanent label, on a temporary hang tag, or on the packaging. If in doubt about how to care for your blanket, please bring it to us and we can help.

Unless otherwise stated on the care instructions, electric blankets should be machine washed on a gentle cycle and line dried. Do not put your blanket in the dryer. Since the blankets are hung to dry, ironing should not be necessary.

Dry cleaning is not a good option. Electric blankets are made with electrical wires that are covered with plastic casing. These casings may be solvent-soluble, and when the blanket is dry cleaned, they may dissolve and expose the wires. Often you may not be able to see the wires, but when the blanket is later plugged into an electrical outlet, serious problems—a short circuit or even fire—can result.

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