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Removing Smoke Odors and Mildew from Clothing

Millie Kwan - Saturday, December 01, 2018

Odors from smoke and mildew are usually difficult to remove. This is because these odors can often become trapped in textiles, making them impossible to remove by normal cleaning techniques. Dry cleaning can remove most of these odors by using ozone generators.

Oxygen commonly exists in nature as the stable form O2, but it also exists in a reactive form called ozone, O3. The important difference between ozone and oxygen is the additional energy ozone possesses, making it more chemically reactive than O2.

Ozone is formed through a process called oxidation, which causes the material with which oxygen is combined to change its molecular configuration by losing one or more of its electrons.

Ozone generators work by passing dry air through a high frequency electrical field. This electrical discharge splits an oxygen molecule into two free atoms which then combine with an oxygen molecule that has not been split to form ozone. The contact between ozone and the odors embedded in the textiles causes oxidation to reoccur, resulting in elimination of the odors and release of oxygen.

If you have experienced a disaster such as a fire or flood, textile items such as clothing, draperies, linens, etc. would likely have absorbed smoke odors and/or grown some mildew.  This special dry cleaning service using ozone generators has proven to be effective in removing the odors of smoke and mildew from your clothing and other textile items. 

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