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Specialty Dry Cleaning Services Can Save You Up to 90%

Millie Kwan - Saturday, June 06, 2015

Some clothes care services are a little harder to find than others. A tear in an heirloom garment does not mean it is lost forever. Faded colors can be brought back to life and clothing can be restyled to reflect more current fashion trends. More often than not we can help you get your garment back in shape again. If we don’t offer a particular service, we are in touch with someone who can.

Changing Your Style
Let’s say you bought a suit last year. The fashion changed and now it’s outsville. You can save your investment in this new antique and have it restyled to match the current trends so you won’t appear to be behind the times.

Very often, we can tailor or restyle your clothes for only about 10% of the original price of the garment. It’s like saving 90% on a new one.

hole in woven fabricFixing a Hole
Reweaving is the process of repairing a woven fabric by taking existing yarns and mending holes. Often the procedure leaves no trace of the former damage. This specialized service is not normally offered by tailors and seamstresses. It is difficult to make sweeping guarantees with reweaving, but it is an option that could work for you.

Dyeing for Some Color
Just as summers end and roses die, colors fade and leave only traces of their former beauty. Some faded items can be saved from the donation pile and restored to their original brightness, or within a close approximation.

Redyeing a garment will not restore damage due to color loss from bleaches and light fading, or cover up stains. Garments made from natural and man-made fibers may be difficult to redye since each fiber type may require the use of a different type of dye. Acetate is also very difficult to redye. Some dyes will only accept natural fibers.

pleats and bows on a dressRipples in the Fabric
In shirts and dresses, pleats are one of those trends that come and go. Some pleats are mechanically installed, meaning they need to be kept up or they will flatten over time.

Many factors can lead to the loss of pleats in a garment that does not feature permanent pleats. Fear not, depleted pleats can be reconstructed and restored with little cost to you and no risk to the garment.

Anything that can be put in can also be taken away. If your pleats are giving you the blues, you can have them removed.

tailors altering the hem of a pair of jeansAltering the Fabric of Your Wardrobe

Alterations come in handy when you lose or gain weight, or wish to change the style of a garment. We can alter the shape, size, and fit easily. We can also change hem sizes, replace zippers, add trim, or anything else you wish.

Easy Solutions for Easy Chair Upholstery
Upholstery can be replaced or repaired, granting your furniture an extended lifetime. Sometimes, upholstery of all kinds can be mended to a like-new appearance, thereby saving a great deal of money in replacement costs.

History Need Not Fade Into Obscurity
Historic and antique items are often irreplaceable. Unfortunately, time wears them away. Just moving an object from one place to another can cause wear and tear.

Our specialists can help your timeless items make it farther into the future.

Suits worn by Abraham Lincoln have been restored to like-new appearances, and many wedding gowns have been brought back to life for a bride, sometimes many generations later than the original owner.

Sadly, with restoration there are few guarantees. But we can give you a good estimate of the chance for success with your project.

Sometimes buying new isn’t really worth it. If you have something you’d like to keep, alter or restore, we’d be happy to help.

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