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Introducing Germ-free Laundry Service

Everyday gentle low-temperature washes cannot remove germs and bacteria from sick bed linens, stains, underwear and other dirty laundry. Our germ-free laundry service uses a special environmentally-friendly soap to remove germs from your laundry. The price is $2.45 per lb. Try it today!


Too busy for laundry? Bring it to any of our wash and fold laundry services stores or use our free laundry pick up and delivery service. We will wash, dry, fold and return them to you ready to wear, so that you can take care of the more important things in your life. 


When you use our professional wash and fold services, you can be sure that your clothes will be well taken care of because we have served our customers in Boston for over 80 years and we understand your needs.

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Unlike other lesser quality cleaners, our full service laundry employs eco-friendly methods and we treat your laundry with great care:

  • All our products are chlorine-free. We use free and clear bleach for whites. We use custom detergent, an in-wash detergent booster (more CLEANING POWER) and downy fabric softener, free and clear dryer sheets.
  • We sort your laundry by color before washing: dark with darks, light with lights.
  • We use a delicate wash. We wash darks in cold water. We wash whites in hot/warm water to brighten the fabric and clean stains better. We dry all clothes in low/medium heat. Your clean laundry is then professional folded.
  • If you have special instructions, please write on your order.

To help save the environment, we use reusable laundry bags for our pickup and delivery service. 

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If you need your laundry asap, don't worry! We offer same day service from our stores in downtown Boston. 

You can also save time and money by joining our VIP Rewards Club. You no longer have to wait in line and you will earn free dry cleaning, too!

For laundry that is perfect, come to Sarni Dry Cleaners

Laundry does not have to be a hassle - Sarni Dry Cleaners is there to make your day brighter. Our staff is always ready to help.  For more information, visit our stores or give us a call to make use of our laundry and dry-cleaning services today!

What Our Clients Say

Nice job

I like this place I take some of my work clothes here that are gentle washing material and they do a great job really they do. I feel that they care whether your clothes come out good or not and they do a great job cause they care. They have been in business for a long time and they never have mad customers here. I will stay with them till the day they close up this place but i know they wont.

Paula G.

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